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    Creating component Templates in BBSA 8.0

      Hi Guys,



             This is one of organization burning issue. We are doing Solaris Patching. Before doing patching on any Solaris boxes, I have a pre-check list. The servers which are going for patching should satisfy my pre-check list. Till now Solaris team is doing these checking manually. But we want to do this prechecking by BBSA 8.0 by creating component template.




      Precheck List



      Requirement                                                                                                                                     Solaris  Command



      1 Recommended free space is available on root FS (Around 1.5 GB)                                                     df -h



      2. Check whether Rootdisk is mirrored (SVM/VxVM/RAID)                                                                      vxprint or metasta or raidctl



      3.Check for metadb replicas in case of SVM on both disks                                                                      metadb



      4. In case of SVM, confirm entry “set md:mirrored_root_flag=1” in /etc/system file                                 cat /etc/system |grep set md:mirrored



      5.In case of VxVM, confirm licenses are permanent for VxVM and VxFS                                                 vxlicrep



      6.Rootdg should have only two disks e.g.rootdisk and mirrordisk                                                            vxdg list



      7.Check for any recent I/O errors on root/mirror disk.                                                                              iostat -En



      8.Check OBP version if need to upgrade, mention on activity plan. Current OBP Level                         prtdiag -v|grep OBP  or   prtconf -V




      I'm trying to create a component template with the above rules. But i'm failing to satisfy all the conditions as there are no certain properties available. Could you please help me out to create component template with the above rules.





      Raghava Sanam