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    BMC Asset 7.5 and Recon job using BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX

      We run AR 7.5, CMDB 7.5 and recently upgraded to Asset 7.5.

      After the Asset upgrade our reconciliation job no longer will update CIs properly.


      Our recon job runs 3 jobs:

      1. Identify the CIs from Master Dataset BMC Asset

      2. Merges CIs from OUR.IMPORT into BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX

      3. Merges CIs from BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX into BMC.ASSET


      The identification works correctly.

      The first merge from our import to sandbox, will not detect and merge BMC_ComputerSystem CIs. It will merge other CIs such as BMC_IPENDPOINTS, BMC_EQUIPMENT, BMC_LOGICALSYSTEMCOMPONENTS, etc.


      Was there something with the Asset 7.5 that changed the ability to merge BMC_ComputerSystem CIs into the SANDBOX?