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    Atrium Import Job Configuration Error

    Bernd Scoor



      I have installed on 3 different servers:

      BladeLogic ServerAutomation 8

      CMDB Webservice 7.6.00 (Tibco/UDDI)

      A-CMDB 7.6.03


      Now, when I open the BLSA Console and try to use the Option "Configuration" - Atrium Import Job Configuration

      I get a window where i have to put in these credentials:


      As UDDI Name i used the CMDB Webservice server name.


      Here is the first problem: There seems to be only one documentation about this: BMC BladeLogic Integration to Atrium 8.0.00 Implementation Guide. And on page 48 is the Option documented. Only, it's different. The fields documented do not match the in the actual product.



      By trial and errror i use the entries from the first picture. When the user credentials are not correct i get an immediate response, using the correct creds i get an 3 minute freeze and the following error:


      The logfile on the webserver did log the try: uddi-access.log:



      Has anyone got this integration to run? And is willing to point me in the direction where the error might be?



      It runs now, but only via https. Is it possible to run it via http?