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    Atrium 7.6.03 installation issues

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      Hi we are trying to run the installer for Atrium CMDB in the following env :

      Version : 7.6.03

      OS : Linux 5.5 64 bit

      DB : Oracle 11g

      DB is based on Solaris box

      while running the installer after providing the Demo credentials we are getting a error saying "The installer detected that the web service registry had failed to install in the previous installation, please follow the steps in the technical buleltin"


      Has anyone else come accross this issue.

      Kindly help.

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          Had you tried installing CMDB before?

          You can check failed installations and applications in 'SHR:Application_Properties' form.

          Also you can use 'Atrium Core Cleanup Tool' (Atrium Core installation directory) to cleanup previous installation.

          Once cleared you can try new installation.



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            Thanks  a lot for the reply  Ajit,  we ran the cleanup utility and cleaned up the residual files, could get past the installation user inputs phase but the installer crashes with a RIK command failure. Can you suggest where can we configure the RIK properties. The first few lines of the log look as below


              BMC Atrium Core 7.6.03 install failed.
              Feature BMC Atrium CMDB failed
                 com.bmc.smbu.install.common.rule.engine.CommandExecutionException: RIK command (/tmp/Utilities/rik/rik loadapp -x remedy-ars-01 -t 4010 -u Demo -p <not_displayed> -l /opt/bmc/AtriumCore -n BMCAtriumPC -f /opt/bmc/AtriumCore/dsl/com/workflow/en/adf_AtriumFoundationGroups.xml -k 0 -L -c) returned an exit code of 2, which was interpreted as a failure


            Thank You,


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              As far as I know we cannot set RIK properties externally.

              I'd suggest checking AR Server TCP Port properties in both AR Configuraiton file as well as in Server Information.


              In 'ar.conf' file check settings for 'TCD-Specific-Port' and verify it in '**Server TCP/IP Port' field on 'Ports and Queues' tab in 'Server Information'.


              Both the values should be same.



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                Rakesh Jajper

                Hello Amey,


                Addition to Ajit's comments, please follow all the steps mentioned in the Install PDF and also

                please check that from DB side enough connections are there to accept the requests when doing the


                Because if you can see, your error cleary saying that it failed to load application.


                Please check with your DBA to observe the DB performance during installation.


                In case issue still persists then please log a ticket to BMC Support Site, to get the resolution quickly.