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    VMware Template deployment

      I've got a question about the VMware template deployment.


      We're creating a new VMware from a template with the blcli command "Virtualization createVirtualGuestFromPackage". This creates the deploy job for creating the new VMware. Unfortunately at the end of the executed deploy job the virtual machine is being started by the deploy job. Is there any chance to avoid this behaviour? We'd like to change the network port group of the network adapter before the virtual machine is started, so that it's in the correct VLAN.

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          The VM has to be powered on at the end of the job for OS customization to kick in. At the end of this we do not power off the VM. If you want to change the network port group, you could always create a BLCLI and BLPackage combination to power off the VM first and then re-configure the network port group on that VM.

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            Hello Umar,


            thanks for your answer. There's no doubt that the virtual machine has to be powered on to do his OS configuration, but you run into a problem if the VLAN is wrong.


            Our template contains a agent, which is not responding if it got the wrong VLAN configured (the IP configured for this machine is not in the VLAN). So you can't communicate with the client trough BladeLogic. As far as I know you can power off the Virtual Machine on the vCenter (with BLCLI), but this seems to do a "hard shutdown" (just powering off). We're actually trying to do a clean shutdown (executing the shutdown cmd on the client).


            So I thought it would be a good way to deploy the virtual machine, changing all it's hardware (including Network Adapters VLAN) and then powering on the virtual machine to do the sysprep or whatever.

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              Yeah. Unfortunately, the feature you are requesting for will be present in the next major release of BladeLogic (not the service packs).

              I was wondering, what if you change the port group without powering off the VM. Does it do the needful? Or is a restart mandatory?

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                I think that should work. You can even change network lan in vCenter while the virtual machine is running. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks!