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    In BL 7.6.x, is it possible to retrieve the Exit value of an NSH Script Job via a blcli command or direct OM database extract?

    Yanick Girouard

      Let's say I have an NSH script which does several shell commands in sequence, and for each of those commands, traps the success and exit with a special error code (i.e. exit 100) if it fails.


      When I run such script through an NSH Script Job, it will return a failure and show "Exit Code 100" if that same command failed.


      I can't find any blcli command that will return me the true exit code of the NSH Script and in the database, the only field that seems relevant in the dbo.job_run table (I'm using MSSQL) is "overall_exit", and it's ALWAYS set to 0, even when jobs failed with errors.


      Is this exit value not stored anywhere other than in the job run log as plain text?