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    BL 7.6 - Configuring appserver to use NSH Proxy for NSH Scripts

    Yanick Girouard

      This is a complicated one, so I'll try to explain the best I can...


      We run BladeLogic 7.6.262 on a multi-client environment. This means we have targets with conflicting IP addresses in different vlans that are divided into isolated network zones.


      We use the Socks Proxy Rules feature of BladeLogic with SOCKS Proxy Servers in order for the OM to know which Proxy server to go through for a given target.


      For this reason, we also need to have an NSH Proxy Server running so that from our laptops, we can run NSH shells and run commands to targets in any zone, and this is done by configuring our secure file in a certain way.


      However, we found out that when we run NSH Script Jobs against a target in one zone, we can't connect to targets in another zone within the same script because of the way the OM caches the proxy information when it starts the NSH shell. We don't have any issues as long as we try to connect to targets within the same zone, but if for example, we try to do a simple "cp" from zone 1 to zone 2, it fails because it can't connect to the second server through the proxy of the first one (which is cached in a temporary environment variable). The same thing however, can be done from our laptops using an NSH shell...


      My question: Is there a way (and if so, how) to configure the appserver to always go through the NSH Proxy Server for any NSH shell it starts, whether it's run manually on the server console (using an SSH session with Putty and typiong "nsh" for example) or run by the process spawner (which we do use).


      Let me know if something is unclear... and thanks!