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    Windows 2003 R2 provisioning

      I'm trying to automate a Windows 2003 R2 installation using BL 8.0.   I am fairly new to the BladeLogic product, but I can't believe I'm the first to run into this issue.


      I am able to install the base Windows 2003 OS, but I'm having issues with the R2 (disk 2) automated install.  I've followed the DEPLOY.CHM file, and have done this with other provisioning systems (RIS and Opsware) but I can't seem to get the R2 portion of the install working properly.  In short the CHM file directs you to put the "cmpnents" folder at the same level as the i386 folder, and change a couple registry keys using the GUIRunOnce section of the Unattended file.


      I've done both of these things, and the system is still prompting to insert the R2 disk in drive D:.


      Has anyone else run into this?  Have any suggestions?