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    ITBM 7.6.03 compatibility with Remedy 7.6.03 apps.

      Anyone know if there is a Compatibility Matrix (or one planned) for ITBM 7.6.03 for compatibility with the Remedy components?  The Install guide lists the following, but I'm trying to determine if ITBM supports ONLY these versions, or these versions at a minimum.  We're looking to upgrade our Remedy stack to 7.6.03 but don't know if that is supported with ITBM now that their is a dependence on ARS with ITBM 7.6.03.  Thanks.  Nate.


      From ITBM 7.6.03 Install Guide:


      The following software are required before you install and configure BMC ITBM:

      BMC Remedy AR System, version 7.5.00 Patch 003

      BMC Atrium Core, version 7.5.00 Patch 003; Product Catalog, CMDB, AIE, Impact

      Simulator Engine.


      BMC Remedy Application Foundation 7.6.00.

      The installer for BMC Remedy Application Foundation is located in the

      installation directory. Run the installer after setting up BMC Remedy AR System

      and BMC Atrium Core.


      Optionally, you can install the following products for enhanced functionality:


      BMC Service Request Management, version 7.6.00

      This is required for service request management integration with BMC Project

      Portfolio Management


      BMC Remedy IT Service Management, version 7.6.00

      This is required only if you use BMC AIE for data import.