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    SRM error

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      Hi SRM request entry console works fine in mid tier but throws a Page cannot be displayed error in the User tool. has anyone else come acrros this issue?

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          Jose Luis Rubio

          Amey, did you check MidTier Path variable in AR Server Configuration Settings??? If yes, did you check SRM Configuration Settings where you set the WebPath (ITSM Configuration Settings - Advanced tab - Service Request Management - Application Configuration)?




          Jose Luis R.

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            hi Jose thank u for replying...

            i checked both the configurations you have suggested..first the default web path which is properly set and second the web path which appears in the App Admin Console->custom config->service request management->application settings window. Both the paths are same and correctly set...i also tried clearing the user cache but it dint help. I have also restarted the tomcat service but it doesnt help.

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              Anne Brock

              The SRM  request entry is meant to be used in the web, not the windows client, so you may run into errors when trying to use it on the windows client.


              Anne Brock

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                This drove me nuts too, there are a few locations to set the web path, in application administratrion, SRM->Advanced->Application Settings.  Also check System admin console-> Server Info->Advanced to make sure the mid-tier path is correct.  Finally.  pull up the SRM console from another machine that can connect via the mid-tier.  For me since my setup is virtual I used the host browser to connect, then brought up the user client in the guest and that seemed to do the trick.

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                  hey Eddie as Anne suggested the SRM is supposed to be used only when u r connected to a network...even though all d rest of the settings are in place we need to be connected to a network only then does the service categories show up. hope this solves your problem too..

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                    Thanx Anne, you are spot on...thats exactly i discovered when i connected the system to a network. Now the service categories show up even in user tool.

                    But nehow it should work on stand alone computers too...kindly let me know why BMC guys have configured the SRM to be used only on the web..

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                      Anne Brock

                      The future direction of all BMC ITSM apps is that they will be web-based only. SRM (and RKM) just got there first.



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                        Our SRM works fine from the User Tool, except if you have too much windows open and the User Tool memory exceeds 195MB.