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    Which properties are updated by the Utility:updateServersStatus blcli command and/or an Update Server Properties Job?

    Yanick Girouard

      We are using BladeLogic version 7.6.262 and noticed that several target properties have invalid, unexpected or otherwise missing values. For example, the HOST, FQ_HOST and IP_ADDRESS properties often have something different than what would be expected. The HOST property is always the same as the target name, when the actual hostname of the server is completely different (i.e. target name is server1234.something and the actual hostname of the server is test-server-01). The FQ_HOST has very weird results and is often showing an IP address (result of a failed reverse dns lookup perhaps?) and the IP_ADDRESS field is rarely the IP resolved by BladeLogic to connect to the target when the server has more than one IP Address assigned. It will show one of the IP Addresses assigned to the server, but not necessarily the one the BladeLogic Appserver is resolving in its DNS server... (we use a dedicated DNS for our app server for that purpose).


      Long story short, we want to know if it's possible to run a NSH Script job which will fetch the right values from the agent using NSH commands (i.e. "nexec target hostname" to get the hostname, or a dig from the appserver to get the right IP, etc...) and update them in the OM for that target using the updateServersStatus blcli command, without the "Update Server Properties Job" we have scheduled daily overwriting them on its next run.


      I have looked at the property dictionary for the built-in Server class, and see that some properties are inherited from the SystemObject class, some are local, some are editable and some aren't... However, it doesn't say which ones are updated by the "Update Server Properties Job" or the Utility:updateServersStatus blcli command and which are not.


      We have tried to manually change one of the properties through the OM for a given server (i.e. changed the HOST property to "foo"), and then ran an Update Server Properties Job against it, and the property wasn't changed back to what it was. Does that mean the job doesn't try to update it, or rather that it knows we've updated it manually and thus won't touch it anymore?