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    Issues creating compliance rules against config entries

      I'm attempting to create a component template to audit compliance of our Nagios agent installations.  I've created a configuration Object entry for the nrpe.cfg file, which looks to be parsing the file correctly.


      In creating the component template, I browse to the server selecting the configuration file entries.  At no time do I manually enter any of this information, other than the value I'm looking for in the compliance rule.


      I create the rule using the gui rule editor, clicking the dropdown and under "Configuration Objects" click on New Configuration Object.  I then select the entry I'm looking for in the "Configuration Object Selection" inside Parts.  Regardless of what I select from here: just the object itself, Name, Value1, etc.  When I get back to the rule editor I get the following error:

      No Template Parts used in compliance will collect Configuration File Entry '/app/nagios/etc/nrpe.cfg//command[check_dns]'


      I completely regret the day I upgraded from 7.6 to 8.0.  It went from having one person here that likes the tool, to noone.  The eclipse gui performance is horrible in addition to errors like this.