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    Connection refused trying adding a server to Bladelogic



      I've built a Windows Server 2003 template and deployed a virtual machine from it. When I try to add the virtual machine to Bladelogic I get a "Connection Refused" message. Same message than when execute the agentinfo NSH command. The virtual machine has the RSCD agent installed through the Bulk Agent Installer application and the firewall disabled.


      Thanks in advance

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          Yanick Girouard

          From your appserver, can you telnet to the virtual machine on port 4750?


          i.e. telnet server_name 4750


          If that doesn't work, then there's either a route missing, or a firewall rule somewhere preventing traffic... You should verify that with your network admins if it's the case.


          Also make sure that the target name as entered in BladeLogic is a hostname that the appserver can resolve. You can't enter something like "Virtual_Machine_1" if that is not an actual hostname your appserver can resolve...


          Target names must be either valid hostnames, or ip addresses