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    BDSSA - fields to create a report that counts licensed agents

      Im not even sure if this is the right place to put this question...




      I am attempting to add a detail to a dashboard in Report Studio by the request of management which gives the amount of licenses used in our environment. I have tried multiple selections  and I believe that I have that nailed to report the number of agents that are "responding" which is normally all licensed servers in our environment. My query consists of the following information...


      Data ItemsDetail Filter

      Server Name


      [business layer].[Agent Available]

      [business layer].[Active Server]



      Now what I need to do is put in a field above some charts that states something to the effect of...


      Current allocation of assigned bladelogic licenses <variable from above query here> (without it being in a box) / "static license total"


      I figured I would give Jon Mikula a break from my report studio questions and see if anyone here has done anything similar or have a better way to do it.