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    Check to see if a Windows Application is installed



      I'm writing a discovery signature for Symantec NetBackup and wanted to have various different versions represented in the sample component. I am trying to use 'Windows Application' parts to detect the version installed. As Symantec/Veritas changed the name of the Application I have added multiple parts - one for each variation.


      What I was hoping to do was some if-then-elseif statements using the 'exists' check on the Application. e,g one if-then condition would be:




           "Windows Application:Veritas NetBackup Client" exists


           "Windows Application:Veritas NetBackup Client"."Version (Windows)"  equals ??VERSION??



      The thing is is that the exists check seems to always return TRUE.


      Is there any way to check is an application is installed or not? Am I looking at this the right way?





        "Windows Application:Veritas NetBackup Client" exists


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          Perhaps a little hasty in my initial posting, but I've not done the following which seems to work although the editor doesn't like it much:



            "Windows Application:??APPLICATION_NAME??"."Version (Windows)" = "??VERSION??"

            "Windows Application:??APPLICATION_NAME??"."Version (Windows)" = "??VERSION??"


          Is this a valid way to proceed?

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            Joshua Skirde

            Hi Matthew,


            I gave this a shot on my test server and it seems to work okay but with a few caveats!

            This check works and correctly returns true or false:

               "Windows Application:VMWare Tools" exists


            This check only works if there is a part added for the resolved APPLICATION_NAME, in my case "VMWare Tools":

               "Windows Application:??APPLICATION_NAME??" exists


            You can't seem to add a part for ??APPLICATION_NAME??. It doesn't seem to be resolved in the compliance rule.

            So I think in your case as long as you added the both Netbackup Client names as parts you should be okay. I'd set APPLICATION_NAME to a String Enumeration with the two names as allowed values so that these remain in sync.


            My test was on BBSA 8.0.0 SP6.

            Kind regards,


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              Thanks for the information. I'll have more of a look at that today. This point about using the String Enumeration is a good one and solves one of the concerns I had.