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    Filtering Folders in Live Server Browse within Eclipse client

    Steven Alexson

      BladeLogic Server Automation version: 8.0.0 SP5

      Oracle version: 10g4


      One of my team members has an odd problem.  He can't seem to see the rsc folder on ANY server (Windows or Unix) while browsing the live server. The parent folder, either C:\Windows or /usr/lib are browsable for him, but they do not contain the rsc directory. Oddly enough, the parent folder has the little icon that would impy a filter is applied (little box with a right-arrow in it). We cannot figure out how to apply or clear a filter in a live server browse of the filesystem.


      He is the only member of my team that seems to have this issue. We are all logged in as BLAdmins. He is not browsing through a component, it is definitely the Live view.


      We are very confused by this, and it is quite inconvenient for him as he is our primary RBAC admin, and can't physically verify users files through the console.


      Anyone know how he may have applied a filter to the live browse of ALL servers to filter the rsc directory. More importantly, anyone know how we can remove the filter?