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    Vendor Patch Content - AIX - Blade 7.6 BFF_ROOT problem



      A client is setting up VPC for AIX on BladeLogic 7.6.  In preparation for this I have set up a VM with BL7.6 and downloaded and installed VPC7.6 (for AIX)

      The install completed successfully and from the Config Manager I can see new AIX patch analysis jobs, depot smart groups etc. However, the next step in the installation is "Configuring Patch Repositories" as described in VPCUsersGuide.pdf.  The instructions for this are to fire up the Config Manager, open the Property Dictionary - On the Property Class Navigation Menu, select SystemObject > Custom Property Classes > AIX Patching

      However, AIX Patching does not exist under Custom Property Classes - in fact there is nothing defined under Custom Property Classes

      Anyone know why this might be?


      Incidentally, BFF_Root was specified in the install.conf file, but looking at the installation nsh scripts I can't see where this is referenced ??





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          R V

          Maybe you have to run the "load-patch-content.nsh" script again and just select the third option "3. Create AIX Property Instances only."


          I just did this installation in my test-environment first selecting the first option - which of course should create this property classes. But nothing appeared in the CM. Then I ran the script again only selecting the third option. After some error-messages regarding already existent Workspace-groups the property classes were created.


          After you have your property classes you can also see the reference to bff_root ;-)