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    Setting properties from component values



      I'd like to be able to use the values retrieved from components for smart group filters and other areas where properties can be used. Is there a way of setting a property in this way?




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          Joshua Skirde

          Hi Matt,


          How are you retrieving values at the moment? Do you have a local extended object or configuration file and you're wanting to use that value in the smart group? Or have you set a local property on Component Template or Server and that's what you want to use to filter on? If the latter, you can refer to the Template or Target (server) in a Component Smart Group.


          If you can provide a little more detail about what you're trying to achieve we may be able to help you out.

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            That's a good point about the component smart groups. I've not developed that area yet and it looks like it could be useful for part of what I'm trying to do.


            The other thing I'm trying to do is preserve  or retrieve what is already on the server. For example, there is a per server value that is a registry key. It'd be useful to pull that out an manage it via a server property. The value is needed post upgrade - the upgrade of the software may change the value in the registry key per server and we need to make sure we can put it back as it was. At the moment I have a vbs script to pull the registry key to file then put it back after the upgrade but it seems a shame to me that we can't use BBSA functionality to manage that part.


            I keep suspecting the philosophy I'm applying to BBSA isn't want the designers intended...

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              have you thought about using your script to read the value from the registry then write it to the server property using BLCLI?  I've done similar things like this in the past and it usually works well.


              Hope this helps!


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                That sounds ideal. I've just done a bit of searching and found a nsh script example that should make a good starting point. Is there any documentation available for BLCLI and the various namespaces? The documentation I have doesn't appear to cover it in any detail.

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                  Take a look at the "BLCLI Help" item in your start menu.  You'll find a general outline about how to use it, as well as some information on the various namespaces.  There's also a really old doc written by Brad Jacobs (the Godfather of BLCLI) which you can find here.  You'll need to adapt parts of it as some of the processes that Brad describes have now been incorporated into the "standard" features, but it's a great primer!


                  Hope this helps.


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                    Thanks John, very helpful. Looks like I have some (more!) reading ahead of me today. I think that answers both bits of my initial question.