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    Add hard disk to VMware



      is there any possibility in the Automation Console to add an additional hard disk to a virtual machine? I tried it with an BlPackage, but obviously this doesn't work. I guess there must be another way to do this.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Joshua Skirde



          You can do it via a BLPackage.I've done it in vCenter 4.0. I don't have access to a vCenter at this particular time but the rough steps are:

          - Live Browse to an existing Virtual Machine through the vCenter instance

          - Select the existing Hard Disk, right-click, add to package.

          - Edit the package

          - Add a local property for VM_Name (string)

          - Add a local property for Storage_Name (string)

          - Add a local property for Disk_No (int)

          - Add a local property for Disk_Size (int)

          - Change the path of the asset to something more generic like:

          /Virtual Machines/??VM_Name??/Hardware/Disks/Hard Disk ??Disk_No??.

          - Change the value of "Disk_File" to [??Storage_Name??] ??VM_Name??/??VM_Name??_??Disk_No??.vmdk

          - Change the value of "Controller" to SCSI Controller ??Disk_No??

          - Change the value of "Disk_Size" to ??Disk_Size??

          - Save the package.


          You should now have a re-usable package, just specify your VM in VM_Name, Datastore in Storage_Name, the disk order in Disk_No and the size in Disk_Size.


          Kind regards,


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            Hello Joshua,


            thanks for your reply. I tried it again with the BlPackage, but on deployment I receive an error message:


            --- DAAL putVal returned ERROR=100

            Error returned from plug-in ; Plug-in: /DAALDaemonAdapter ; Plug-in function: blAsset_PutValue ; Plug-in asset: BMC_VMware_VirtualMachineHardwareDisk::/Hosts/esx-server/vm123/Hardware/Disks/Festplatte 2 ; Plug-in error code: 100 ; Plug-in error message:


            We're using the current BladeLogic version (8.0 SP6) and VMware vCenter 4.1. Is there something which I'm missing?

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              There was really something I was missing. Somehow an parameter in the Deploy Job was blank, which caused this error. Now it works, thank you very much!

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                Joshua Skirde

                Very welcome.

                For your information, the "Plug-in error code: 100" is a generic error message and just indicates there was an error in talking with the plugin! You can find a bl-vmware.log on the vCenter host under the agent installation directory /vmware that contains more specific information regarding the failure.


                Kind regards,