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    Running blcli within a BLPackage



      Is it possible to run a blcli command in a BLPackage?


      I can put my blcli into a NSH script, import that into the BLPackage and run it using an external command, but it asks me for authentication and i then need to run the blcred command for it to work.  Ideally i do not want to run the blcred command as it will show my username and password in the job run log when set to All Information.  I do not want to set the logging to 'errors and warnings' as that will make troubleshooting more difficult if the job fails.


      I know this can be done by running a NSH script outside of the BLPackage and then creating a batch job, the customer wants to run it within a BLPackage if possible.


      Can this be done in any other way?