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    DISA STIG Solaris - Scale Jobs hang



      I've got a case open on this and am willing to share the results if it ever gets completed/worked on, but I'm having a bit of a rough go with support to be honest.


      I'm running the DISA STIG Compliance content for Solaris (customized somewhat by BMC prof services).  To run these we are utilizing the scale jobs bmc provides because of the huge number of servers that we intend to scan.  I've got two problems.


      1.  The scale job will hang on a particular server, not on the compliance job, but on the BMCCacheCreator job.  The job never completes.  On a select group of systems it will consistently not finish on 1 system.  The job then hangs and never ever finishes and must be aborted.  I've nailed it down to one particular system the hang occurs on and can reproduce the behavior easily, but bmc has been unable to tell me why it's hanging yet.


      2.  Since the job hangs none of the compliance sections of the scale batch job even starts and the entire run is worthless.  Are there timeouts that can be set for the scale jobs to prevent this type of behavior so the job can move on with the systems that did finish at 100%?


      Any help or experience that the rest of you had would be quite valuable.