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    Performing Split/Array assignments in NSH

    Vinnie Lima



      Trying to parse out an input into an NSH script within Bladelogic to perform the equivalent of the code below (for perl).  I rather not use perl due to the target dependency on perl being installed.  Does NSH support split and Array assignments, and foreach loops?



      $environment = "manager1,manager2,manager3" ;


      @MANAGERS = split(/,/,$environment) ;


      foreach $manager (@MANAGERS)
              print "manager: $manager \n" ;


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          Bill Robinson

          The default NSH is ZSH 4.0.4, you can also switch to ZSH 4.3.4.


          I’d look at the zsh ref docs for this info if no one else responds.

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            Wenchi Liao

            Does this work?


            $ a="manager1,manager2,manager3"
            $ b=( ${(s:,:)a} )
            $ for i in $b
            echo "$i"


            If the values have spaces in it, make sure to turn off SH_WORD_SPLIT.


            ${(s:,:)a} tells nsh to expand the value of a and split into fields based on the character between the colons. The colons can actually be any single character; (s#,#) would work as well.

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              Vinnie Lima

              I fixed my own issue (thanks to Bill posting a blcli NSH script somewhere else).  Below will work, assuming you create an Property for the Server in Property Dictionary:

              # Obtain the list of Name = Value pairs for a Server Property called SNMP_MANAGERS
              # and then store the values into an array
              # Then execute a registry set for each manager


              typeset -i VARX=1


              blcli -a <appserver> -r <role> -u <user> -s <password> -v defaultProfile PropertyClass  listEnumPropertyValues Class://SystemObject/Server SNMP_MANAGERS
              #blcli -a emda-nbp-uea21 -r BLAdmins -u BLAdmin -s Emtoolset123 -v defaultProfil
              e Server printPropertyValue emda-nbp-uea26 SNMP_MANAGERS |


              awk -F= '{ print $2 }' | awk '{ gsub(/,/,"\n")}1' | awk '{ gsub(/ /,"")}1' |


              while read LINE
                      set -- ${LINE}


                       (( VARX = VARX + 1 ))


              typeset -i CHKVAR=1
              (( COUNT = VARX - 1 ))


              while (( CHKVAR <= COUNT ))
                  echo "${VARVALUE[${CHKVAR}]}"
                  (( CHKVAR = CHKVAR + 1 ))



              The output ends up being:


              <server>% ./test1.nsh