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    Droping existing MSSQL DB and creating new MSSQL DB...

      Due to some issues in my test environment when testing our migration from 7.5 to 8.0 we had to drop a copy of our production database into the test environment because someone overwrote the backup of our pre-migration databse. Now that the migration is done in both production and test, I would like to clean up and get my test environment back to a clean state for my next set of tests and training videos.


      Currenly I have a handful of BL packages in depot that will not delete with an access denied on BLPackage.delete, customsoftware.delete, etc. and after all the time I have spent troubleshooting I believe it would just be better at this point to drop and attach a clean DB to this.


      Is there any special information that I would need to make this happen, or is this as "simple" as it sounds.


      On the flip side of the coin, is there possibly a DB script available that would allow bringing this db back to fresh out of the box status?