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    Creating a parameterised Install command for CustomSoftware

      We have an installation command that takes a few properties as part of its command line (eg. behaviour if an earlier version is installed).


      I was planning on using properties set on the Software class in the Property Dictionary, but apparently there's only a small preset list of properties I can use in an installation command.


      While short-term I can bodge it by creating several packages with different parameters, long-term that isn't an acceptable solution.


      Any suggestions as to how I can have a variable CustomSoftware installation command? Note additionally these are being entirely created with the BLCLI (well, Jython, but same difference), so while I know I can add the CustomSoftware object to a BLPackage, then use local properties on that, I can't see any way via the BLCLI to change the existing installation command, only add new ones.


      Am I just missing something?


      Thanks in advance,