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    Reports - Inventory reports show no data

      Hi all, we installed BDSSA 2.0, and have over 100 configured servers in bladelogic. While testing the built-in reports that come with Cognos, for some reason the Inventory reports titled 'Server Configuration' and 'Details' show No Data


      when I run every other Inventory report, the report shows data and reflects the configured servers, but these 2 reprots show 'No Data',



      Inventory by OS: OK

      Inventory Details: No Data

      Inventory OS and Version: OK
      Inventory Dashboard: OK

      Inventory Server Configuration: No Data


      is there a way to check what criteria these reports are based on? Thanks.

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          Naveen Anne

          I believe you have not installed the inventory templates in BladeLogic. Look at page#60 in BDSSA 2.0.0 Install Guide for details on Installling Inventory Templates. Only after installing these inventory templates and running discovery / snapshot jobs would you be able to gather inventory data to report on. You still have to run your ETL to get that inventory data into BDSSA.



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