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    Upgrading a BL Agent on a BL 8 app server


      can anyone please explain what you do if you have to the following scenario:

      on a red hat Linux 5.5 x86_64 server I like to install all BL 8 components including the RSCD agent or BL agent which I will use as the file server.

      I used OM800-359-RHAS4X86_64.SH to accomplish that and this executable does everything for you including the RSCD agent.

      when I am ready to patch with SP5 patch1 is when I have a problem since OM800-441-RHAS4X86_64_HOTFIX.SH does not include in it any RSCD patches i.e. what an RSCD800-441-RHAS4X86_64.SH would do on a managed server or a server with just RSCD.

      if I try to upgrade the agent using RSCD800-441-RHAS4X86_64.SH, I get an error message stating that I used a diffrent way to install the agent which is the OM, but the OM patch does not have any agent patches, so I am in a catch 22 situation.

      what do you guys do since I can't even separate the 2 on a UNIX server?