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    echo in nsh script doesn't appear in job log



      I have nsh scripts that echo messages which work fine either via a console, or if the script is loaded as a srcript job. However if a script is part of an extended object component part, which in turn is used in an Audit job, the message from the echo command is not logged in the audit job log file.


      How can i get BL to add these to the log, as they help in finding out why some hosts failed a job due to errorss.





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          Joshua Skirde

          Hi Jason,


          You will be able to see stderr in the log file if the extended object returns a non-zero exit code otherwise, it is ignored. Anything sent to stdout is interpreted as part of the extended object.

          Also note, if an extended object returns non-zero then your job will show as a failure in the GUI.


          So as an example, this would produce an error in the log file if gathered in an extended object during an audit:

          echo name=value

          echo "this is an error" >/dev/stderr

          exit 1


          Kind regards,


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