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    Windows Patch Promotion - Separate Environments

    Jim Campbell

      We've set up a simple Windows patching system on a demo/test environment that mostly works. However, we now have a client who wants a demonstration of moving patches between separate Bladelogic environments (e.g. test, production with completely different app servers and core dbs).  We're looking for a common practice on how to move explicitly approved patches from a test Bladelogic server onto a production one.  In particular we need an automated way for a patch administrator to approve patches on the test system and move them onto the production system.  How would this usually be done?  My first thought was to somehow move these patches from a test Windows Catalog to a production one and perform analysis separately against each catalog, but another idea was to simply move the remediation packages from test to production and apply them in lieue of a separate analysis phase.


      We're looking for a standard operating procedure for this type of situation and were unable to locate it anywhere in the User document.