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    ITBM 7.6.03 Company Data impacting Remedy ITSM

      Greetings all, we are in the process of implementing both ITBM 7.6.03 and ITSM and are running into some growing pains with the new integrated foundation data of the ITBM 7.6.03 suite with Remedy.  We have implemented ITBM first, with ITSM following suite shortly thereafter.  Basically we have a hierarchical organizational structure that needed to be modelled within ITBM, and per the Admin guide this was done with the use of Companies in Remedy and leveraging the Company Hierachy feature (in the Application Admin Console - custom config tab in Remedy).  This worked effectively in ITBM, however the "organizational units" that were setup as Companies in Remedy were setup as Operating companies in Remedy.   This lead to a huge list of useless company data showing up in all the dropdowns on the ITSM side of the fence and making for a painful user experience.


      Having said that, I also now see a new company type in Remedy that was introduced with the ITBM Integration:  "Generic Contact".   Through some testing I see that setting the company type to that will effectively remove the company from many of the menus on the ITSM side of the house.


      Now to my question (finally):  I'm not an ITBM expert, so can anyone tell me if changing our "Organizational Company" records to a type of Generic Contact will impact functionality on the ITBM side and if so how?  Does ITBM utilize the company type to filter companies or impact any workflows or reporting on the ITBM side or is it viewed by ITBM as strictly informational?


      Thanks.  Nathan Aker.