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    RKM 7.5.01 - Unable to log in: System Administrator?

    Mohammed Khalil
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      Hi, I am unable to log into BMC Remedy Knowledge Management with System Administrator permissions


      Fresh install of RKM 7.5 patch 1 with ITSM 7.6 (IM & PM). Used BMC Remedy AR System authentication mode during install.

      I can access the Knowledgeme Management Console via the RKM URL and also via Remedy
      using the defualt user Admin (see the console although there are no articles to view). I have assigned a user with the KMSAC-KMSSysAdmin permissions, but not able to log into the RKM Console using that user, also not able to complete the last step in Post Installation Tasks, "In the System Management section, click Indexing Management." which I can't view.


      Also I have also added, RKMEnablementData but not able to log in as
      SYS Admin and perform the following step to enable the articles:


      5. Log in to BMC Remedy Knowledge Management as SYS Admin and run indexing:
      a. Use IE to launch http://<server:port>/rkm/
      b. Log in as a KM administrator.
      c. On the Settings tab, choose Indexing Management.
      d. Select rkm_docs and click Update Selected.

      I am missing something, but not sure what, can someone assist please?


      Many Thanks in Advance,