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    Development Question...

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      Hey all,


      Call me lazy but....!


      I'm trying to do something which i am hoping will be straight forward with workflow...


      For my self service screen i am wanting to keep my business users away from complex category combinations...I would just like them to answer a couple of questions..Nothing as complex as a Decision Tree but something like the scenario below:


      Hardware <Check Box>  Software  <Check Box>


      *Based on the above selection


      What is your issue with? <Char Field>


      The last Char field will be dynamic enough that when the user types an application like "Remedy" and hits enter then this will link to the product catalogue and populate the field....and even if they typed "Office" for a product in the catalogue called "Microsoft Office" then it will list anything in the catalogue with the word "Office" in it for the user to select...


      Make sense?


      Is this possible and if so, any quick tips or hints?


      Thanks in advance!



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          Hi Matt,


          you could probably use the following to do this:


          Have an active link which fires on enter of the last Char field which performs a Set Fields to populate the Char field from the product catalogue. The active link would lookup using a LIKE "%CharField%" in the query. You could then use the "Display a List" option of the If Multiple Requests Match attribute in the Set Fields action.


          Hope this helps.