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    Patch Auto-Remediation Problem

    Jim Campbell

      I have defined a simple Patch Catalog with Windows 2008 Server Updates selected.  I then defined a Windows Patching Job to use this catalog and auto-remediate.  The first time I ran it it seemed to work as intended - it analyzed the test server against which I ran the job and then pushed patches to it.  The only problem came when it attempted to reboot after installing but that is a different issue (or at least I think its a different issue).  The error it gave was:


      Error Sep 14, 2010 9:29:29 PM Auto-reboot unable to initiate reboot, please reboot manually. Error code:5 Access is denied. 

      I manually rebooted the server and have since run the Windows Patching Job multiple times.  Each time it completes the analysis and generates the Remediation job along with a batch deploy job.  However, it fails to run the remediation job as I assume it should.  I can locate the generated remediation job and run it manually but I need it to run automatically on its own.  Is there some setting I am missing to do this?


      I would also like to figure out why its not rebooting after running the Remediation job but I'm most concerned about getting the basic Patching/AutoRemediation jobs functioning for now.  Even when I manually run the generated Remediation jobs it still gives me the error about trying to initiate a reboot.

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          Note from the moderator (me): It would be easier to address your issues if you created two separate threads in the future.  For now I'll leave it be.


          1) Auto-remediate only creates the job(s).  When setting up the job before hand, you can check the box for Execute-now, and the patch deploy job(s) will kick off once it is created.

          2) I suspect you have a permissions issue.  Either you're not mapping to the Local Administrator, or there could be a security policy restricting the right to reboot.  This thread has some good info on how reboots occur on Windows machines: http://communities.bmc.com/communities/message/133696

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            Jim Campbell

            I'm not sure how but the 'Execute Now' checkbox had become unselected.  That was the problem with the jobs not running.  I ran into this same issue with the patch jobs I created for both W2K3 and W2K8 so I'm not sure what I could have done to cause it.  They both worked as I had intended initially.


            Is there a log file where I could check to make sure its mapping to Administrator?  A job with the same settings will successfully reboot a W2K3 server but not W2K8.  Both the domain and local policies should be fairly vanilla so if something in W2K8 is preventing a reboot I would think it would be a common issue.

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              You can determine what account the agent is mapping to by running the agentinfo command from the NSH prompt.