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    How do I get 2nd job in a batch job to wait until Solaris server has finished rebooting

      Hi all,

      We are trying to
      - reboot a Sun system into single user mode
      - apply a set of 8 changes to the system
      - reboot the system into multi user mode


      Have 8 large BL packages with the changes.

      Each of these are turned into a different jobs.  The 8 jobs are then bundled up as a batch job.


      Note: I can not simply set the single user mode flag on each job.  That will reboot the system 8 times.


      The problem is the command to reboot/restart the system returns and the rscd agent moves onto the next job in the batch.

      Meanwhile, the OS is shutting down and restarting.  Some of the jobs in the batch complete, some error and the rest run after the system returns in single user mode.


      Is there a method/command that tells bladelogic to wait until reboot has completed before proceeding?


      Note: It has been mentioned previously that we need to create one huge BLPackage containing everything and we are starting down that path now, however it will take a large amount of rework to do this.

      We are hoping that there's another way.