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    BladeLogic templates

      Where can I find templates for Windows 2000 for BladeLogic? Component templates, PCI conpliance, Inventory, patch analysis and so forth.





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          Naveen Anne


          With BladeLogic 8.0+ versions, Windows 2000 templates are no longer available. BL 8.0 Compliance Content has the following templates -

          1. DISA

          2. HIPAA

          3. PCI

          4. SOX


          As for Windows, all of the above supply templates for Windows 2003 servers.  The new content is not part of the product by default. You have to download it from BMC Product Download site. It`s called "BMC BladeLogic 8.0.0. Server Automation Compliance Content for Windows". For windows, I believe it is a GUI based installer. You will see the above templates under your "Component Templates" workspace after you finish running the content installer.

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            Thanks for the reply, unforetunately we have a bunch of W2K boxes yet. We are in the process of upgrading them so I guess I will have to wait until we get them done to work with them in  BL.
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              Naveen Anne

              Here is something I could think of -

              If you have a test box to spare, install BL 7.6 on it and install the 7.6 template content. This should install Win2K templates. Then upgrade your test server to BL 8.0. Be sure to upgrade to the version that your actual BL server is at. This should upgrade those templates. Then export the templates from this test box and import them into the BL server you want.

              This might take a day based on your schedule but you won`t have to wait until you upgraded all your win2k boxes !!!

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