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    Filter Tune Up

    Edwin Lindeman
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      Working on a Report where we are using filters on Job Run End Time. We wanted to filter by any Job Run End Time within the last 2 weeks. I tried creating this filter but when I attempt to run my report its taking extremly long to come back and occasionally times out. I pull the filter off and the report pulls within minutes. Below is filter I'm using.


      [Report Layer].[Job Run Server].[Job Run End Time] > _add_days(sysdate(),-14)


      During testing i verified it was only pulling back within the last 2 weeks however dropped the filter on actual report and its taking forever. Any other way I can filter Job Run End Time to only pull back only the last couple of weeks?


      Thank you

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          Edwin Lindeman

          tried something different for anything within 2 weeks. It seems to work a lot faster then previous thing i tried. here is what i did. Instead of using Job Run End Time i used Job Run Start Time


          1. added data item to existing query. Called it 2Weeks and my expression was

               _days_between(sysdate(),[Report Layer].[Job Run].[Job Run Start Time])


          2. Then added filter to Query and wrote out query like this

               [2Weeks] <= 14


          It seems to work a lot faster if there is a better way of doing this would like to know.


          Thank you

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            Did you look at using the "Job Activity Date Range Filter" under Job Activity Filters? This is a OOTB filter. You will have to provide an expression to the dates inorder to get the data for the last 2 weeks.