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    Changing VMware port group assignment post provisioning

      Hey All,


      BL 8.0 SP5

      VMware vCentre 4.1


      When running a Virtual Guest Job to create a VM 'container' ready for provisioning, I need to assign the VM to a network that will recieve DHCP from the PXE provisioning server, in order for the VM to network boot and the provisioning job (OS install etc) to work.


      In most enviroments, network segregation will mean that the BL provisioning server only handles DHCP on a spcific VLAN.  For vCenter this means that all new VMs must be assigned to the port group on that VLAN.


      Does anyone know how I can script the migration of the VM from the provisioning VLAN to another 'production' VLAN after the provisioning process?  Perhaps as part of the batch job process.  I could use VMware CLI but how would that fit into the batch job, if its possible?


      Thanks in advance