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    BBCA tuner - Need Uninstall Script



      We have created BBCA tuner with folowing restrictions:


      1. Tuner icon won't be displayed on System Tray.

      2. Uninstall Option is restricted for users ( User's won't be able to Uninstall the Tuner, even if they have administrative privilleges on desktops/servers)


      Now, I understand that, BBCA tuner can be uninstalled directly from the BBCA server console. However, I would need a script or a batch file which can do the uninstallation. This is my specific requirement as I cannot share the application admin rights to all my fellow administrators.


      It would be really helpful, if someone can share the Uninstall Script or a batch file which can does the uninstallation. I am refereing to only windows machines here.


      Any pointers in acheiving this would also be helpful and much appreciated.


      Thanks, Santosh

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          Here is the update.


          Given below are the methods to uninstall the tuner. I hope this may help some one.


          Method 1


          1. Stop Tuner Service.

          2. Go to C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BBCA\Tuner\.marimba\Tuner  folder and open Prefs.txt file.

          3. Add add / modify following line in the file and save the file.


          4. Start the Tuner service

          5. Under Add/Remove Programs Remove button will be visible against Tuner for Uninstallation .


          Method 2


          1. Run following command to uninstall Tuner.

          msiexec /uninstall {89D47415-9219-0F0D-A71E-70C7FD128E41} /qn /norestart


          {89D47415-9219-0F0D-A71E-70C7FD128E41} is the GUID of Tuner , This value can  be fetched from BBCA Reports. GUID value will change depending on your n/w environment but it will remain same for all the tuners if you are using same Profile.


          "msiexec /uninstall {89D47415-9219-0F0D-A71E-70C7FD128E41} /qn /norestart" - you can create a batch file or .exe file if you wish to do so.


          Thanks, Santosh