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    Copy a job from 1 table to another

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      We are trying to sort out how to do do testing for Control-M jobs and how to migrate from Dev to Test to UAT to Prod.


      Currenlty we are just taking a copy of prod and applying the changes. Then we copy the Test table to the Prod server.


      What I want to be able to do is create a job in Dev, and then when it is ready just copy the single job from Dev to Test (not the whole table).


      Is there anyway to do something like this. I tried, but cannot find anything.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hello Steve,

          Do those environments communicate with each other?


          Possibly you could define in your CCM console all of the EM's ControlM's etc (and give names such as DEV, TEST, PROD etc).


          Then you would connect for example to the test environment and work on  a job. (DEV for exapmple)

          When it is ready save it in a draft

          Connect your desktop to the environment that you want to upload the job (TEST for example)

          Open the DRAFT do a change to Control-M definition and upload it to the test Environment.



          To summurize, if you define all of your environments to one CCM then from Desktop or GUI you can connect to whichever environment you want and work.



          Another way would be to export the job definition to an XML file, do changes so as to reflect the new environment and then import it to the new environment....


          There is a CLI that does that. Check in the manuals




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            you use command line util to export single job def in XML format and than import it to table in production or dev. once you know the utils you can even script it so can just pass teh table and job name and the export file will be generated and will be ready for your import.


            I can create the whole solution with ksh or perl.

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              Thanks for the input. I will look into the command line tool.

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                This turned out to be very simple. In the desktop I just imported all job from Table A, and 2 new jobs from Table B. Then in the draft just change the table name on the 2 jobs to Table A and write the changes and upload to the server. EeeZeePeeZeeJapaneezee.