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    Approvals by location???

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      Hi All,  I am currently running AR 7.5 and SRM 2.2 (soon to upgrade to 7.6)...  I want to create a starters and leavers request with approvals based on the location of either the requester or a value entered by the user, I.e. "where is the user based?"  My question is, OOTB, can the approvals be this dynamic, or will workflow be required?  Thanks  Matt

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          Hi Matt,


          Just use the Approval Mappings form to define the routing of approvals based on requester location. You will probably also want to select the applicable SRD for all of these records as well. Of course this is assuming you use the level approval process, if not you will need to modify the rules in the OOTB process (still just configuration).




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            Thanks Nathan,


            Excuse my "SRM Newbie-ness!"....


            For SRD approvers which are referenced on the SRD itself, these approvers are simply for approving the deployment of the Service Request itself...Correct?


            As an administrator i will be creating my SR's and will be deploying them....For approvals within the SR itself, does that approval occur within the Work Order?


            My requirement pretty straight forward i think...


            I just want to create a new starter SR...The plan being that as soon as the SR has been requested by the requester i want the approval to kick in dependant on either the location or indeed (most ideally) the requesters line manager...


            Does this sound right?


            Thanks again



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              Service Request approval; i.e., what the user submits, is configured on the Service Request tab.  Approvals for the SRD itself is configured on the Approvals tab.



              This is totally independent of any approvals configured for the fulfillment request; i.e., for a Change Request.  There are no approvals for Incidents or Work Orders.

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                Thanks Steve, think i have done it...  One more question...I am trying/hoping to be dynamic with questions etc...Is there a way in which dependant on the question answer that more questions can appear?  I am currently running 2.2 but upgrading to 7.6, i dont know if this will unleash such functionality...  Matt

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                  I replied to the email last week but it doesn't look like it caught it....here's what I wrote:


                  "Thanks Steve.

                  And as for this part: "The plan being that as soon as the  SR has been requested by the requester i want the approval to kick in dependant  on either the location or indeed (most ideally) the requesters line  manager..."

                  The approval mappings form will allow you to send approvals  based on location to either a group or an individual. If you want to include a  manager in the chain you will need to modify the approval rules of the Service  Request Level process since OOTB you can only have either Level or Manager  approval, not both."


                  As for your dynamic questions, you would need to use an Advanced Interface Form (AIF) in 2.2 and write workflow to handle the dynamic questions (like a wizard). Version 7.6 does this OOTB to a couple levels.