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    Deployment of 3 tier architecture application

      Using BladeLogic is any deployment model possible based on apps built on 3-tier architecture.

      If yes.

      What are the standards established for Bladelogic deployments for 3 tier apps & for different technologies

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          There are several ways to accomplish this.  Without knowing more specifically what you need to do, no one will be able to answer this question exhaustively; it will vary depending on your use case.  Here are some examples assuming you need to use different servers for each tier:


          1) Create individual BLPackages for each part of the app stack

          2) Create one deploy job per BLP

          3) Add the deploy jobs to a batch job

          4) Set the targets per job, rather than at the top (batch job) level




          Same as above, but then use blcli in an NSH script to set the deploy targets in step 4.




          Automate all of the above using blcli or AO

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