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    Cannot create the ISS file for the Windows RSCD Agent

      I have followed these instructions to a T, and cannot get the ISS response file to generate for use with the bulk installer. The installation runs as you would expect. I answer all the responses during the installation and click finish when it is finished but the response file never gets created.

      I am not sure what I am missing, but any suggestions would be appreciated.


      To create a response file for Windows agents
      1 Copy rscdversion.exe (the RSCD agent installation program) to WINDIR\Temp,
      where WINDIR is typically C:\winnt or C:\Windows.
      2 At the command line, change (cd) to WINDIR\Temp.
      3 At the command line, enter the following command:
      rscdversion –a –r –f1WINDIR\Temp\version-install_type.iss
      Replace version-install_type.iss with the name of response file that you are creating
      (for example, specify 7.4.1-install.iss as the name of the response file for initial
      installations of 7.4.1 or 7.4.1-upgrade for upgrades to 7.4.1 from earlier versions of
      the agent).
      The installation program for the RSCD agent opens.
      4 Use the program to perform an initial installation or an upgrade