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    Attachments from E-Mail & Control-M

    Robert Stinnett
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      Hey guys,

      I am wondering how many of you (on the Distributed Systems side) face a situation like I do -- end users want to retrieve an attachment from an email and use that as a trigger for a job.  Or, they simply want COntrol-M to get the attachment from the email.

      I'm working on a small little program to:

      1) Save attachments from e-mail via POP

      2) Distinguish what attachments belong to what job stream via "from address".

      3) Save the file out to a network drive

      4) Post a condition to Control-M letting it know the file has arrived.

      Would anyone else be interested in this?  I'd like to find at least one or two other folks to help me test this (in a DEV environment!).  The idea here is Control-M will kick off a cyclical job that parses email and does the above 1-4 steps.

      I have a "semi-stable" version ready for testing if anyone is interested.  Please drop me a line at

      robert@robertstinnett.com if you are interested.