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    RCP Client Install dies

    Naveen Anne

      I am trying to install RCPClient (8.0 sp4) on a windows 2003 server SP1. When I double click on the executable, it extracts the file and dies. The installer is not kicked off.


      1. There no log files to look at.

      2. There is no event in the event logs

      3. When I look at the process explorer while running the executable file, it shows a javaw.exe file running and dying at the same time as the installer. This javaw is from within the installer itself.

      4. DEP is turned off.

      5. Tried to run the executable from Add Remove Programs, with the same result

      6. Tried to run the file from command line with the same result.

      7. Check sum is good.


      The same installer has worked on all other servers. This issue is very specific to this server.


      What else can I troubleshoot?