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    Upgrading the RSCD Agent from 7.4.5 to 8.0.0: Problem with RSCD_DIR

    Jiunn LAM


      I have an issue after upgrading RSCD Agents from  7.4.5 to 8.0.0.

      -    After upgrading, I cannot access to the Servers anymore (e.g.: cd: login not allowed for user).
      -    I presume that this is linked to the fact that the RSCD_DIR for servers with RSCD Agent in 7.4.5 is /opt/BMC/RSC whereas the RSCD_DIR for RSCD Agents in 8.0.0 is /opt/BMC/RSC/NSH
      -    The certificate for the AppServers are located in ??TARGET.RSCD_DIR??/certs and may not be recognized anymore after upgrade.
      -    It is surely a Certificate issue:
      o    I have direct access to one of my servers and could move the /certs folder to the correct directory and could access to the server afterwards.
      -    I tried by changing the RSCD_DIR of another server but this does not solve the issue.

      ==> Any chance I can decertify those servers with Bladelogic or at least move the /certs folder with Bladelogic and without connecting directly on the server?