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    Change stuck in rejected state

      Change stuck in rejected state,we have an option to restart the change however it not allow us to restart the change.Any one help me on this how to restart or check the process.

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          Hi Jaya,


          When you try to Restart the change then do you receive any error?


          Depending on the error messgae you can disable particular record (For the moment to rectify this record which is stuck) from "SYS: Status Transition Rules" form. While searching for record in 'SYS: Status Transition Rules' form select following:

          From Status as Rejected

          To Status as <Value which you receive in error while clicking on Restart>

          Reference Form as CHG:Infrastructure Change

          Workflow Tag Name as CHG:Infrastructure Change


          Perform search and yoou should get one record.


          You can make the Status of the record to Obsolete .Once done then try to Restart. Once the change moves ahead then you can change back the record status from Obsolete to Enabled.



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            Hey Jaya,


            Did you ever receive a solution to this issue? We're currently implementing Remedy 7.5 and I'm running into this exact scenario. It seems like this should work out-of-the-box, but when selecting "Restart", the cursor simply moves into the Summary field and nothing else happens.


            Any help would be appreciated!!

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              I have the same issue with a certain change. When checking the workflow I have found that the field AllowRestart is set to No and this should be Yes.


              Does anybody know why and where and when the setting of this field is decided ?


              (Other changes have been restarted just fine by the same user with the same rights)

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                This field 'Allow Restart' is set to Yes ( ie., 1000) whenever any change is rejected.Active link "



                " sets this value .

                I would suggest to check if the values in Status Reason and the RejectApprovalStatusReson fields are matching (So that the above active link Run If condition matches correctly).




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                  Rejected Changes that can't be restarted.



                  My experiance on ITSM 7.00.03 Patch 9


                  Scenario 1



                  Change approver rejects a change and then populates the Status Reason field, the change requester/manager/supervisor is unable to restart the change.



                  1. Change is rejected by the Change Support Group Approver.

                  2. When the Change is rejected, the Status of the change is set to Rejected and all fields are unlocked.

                  3. When unlocked, the change rejecter enters a Reason into the Status Reason field.

                  4. When a Change is rejected, the change requester has the ability to edit the change and restart the change. However, when the 'Status Reason' field is populated, the change cannot be restarted.



                  1. Change Manager clears the 'Status Reason' field, then saves the change.

                  2. Change Manager uses the process flow to restart the change


                  Possible Temporary Preventative Action:

                  Create Active Link to Make Status Reason Field Read Only

                  <ACTL> CHG_StatusReasonReadOnlyWhenRejected

                          Form: CHG:Infrastructure Change

                          Execution Order: 125

                          Run If:  'Change Request Status' = "Rejected" 

                          Execute On: Display & After Modify

                          If Actions

                              Change Fields = Read Only

                                  z1D Status Reason

                          Permission = Public


                  Permenant Fix:

                  BMC Status Last time I heard:

                  SW00323884 - tentatively targeted to be fixed in ITSM 7.5.01 Patch 3


                  Scenario 2



                  Change approver rejects a change then change requester/manager/supervisor sets 'Status' = "Pending"



                  1. Change is rejected by the Change Support Group Approver.

                  2. When the Change is rejected, the Status of the change is set to Rejected and all fields are unlocked.

                  3. When unlocked, the change approver/manager sets 'Status' = "Pending"

                  4. Change Manager is forced to use status flow to resume the change

                  5. 'Status' becomes "Rejected" and 'Status Reason' = "Insufficent Task Data"

                  6. Restarting process has no effect

                  7. If clear 'Status Reason' and save, 'Status Reason' is repopulated by system with "Insufficent Task Data"



                  1. Change Manager sets 'Status' field to "Scheduled for Review" then saves the change.


                  Temporary Preventative Action:

                  Create entries in "SYS:Status Transition Rules" form to prevent Status Transitionfs from Rejected to Pending

                  Reference Form: CHG:Infrastructure Change

                  Valid Transitions: Unticked

                  Workflow Tag Name: CHG:Infrastructure Change

                  From Status: Rejected

                  To Status: Pending

                  Create an entry for each "System Role" (Unless a entry already exists for the role)


                  Permenant Fix:

                  I'm told that versions higher than ITSM 7.00.03 Patch 9 do not allow Rejected to Pending status transition.

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                    Hello Jaya,


                    Here is the working solution. Believe me this works.


                    Please follow these steps:

                    1. Create a .arx report for the problem tickets on the CHG:Infrastructure Change form which included fields:

                    - Request ID
                    - Approval Status
                    - Active Approval

                    2. Modify the .arx file in notepad and change the Active Approval value to "" and change the Approval Status field from 0 to 1.

                    3. Import the .arx file using Remedy Import - making sure the Duplicate Request ID setting is Update Old Record with New Record's Data

                    (File --> Preferences).


                    This will allow you to move the change requests to the closed status. See the backend form and the appropriate attribute for the status you need,set it and then reimport it.




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                      Saroj Sahu

                      The solution provided at last is a very weird workaround only and the same situation can arise for other change requests as well. This may be a defect which was fixed in recent versions of ITSM change management.


                      Which ITSM version are you using? I recall there was a defect that was fixed in 7.6 or so. You may contact BMC support and request for a fix if this problem is repetitive.

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                        Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                        Did u try to find out is thr any filter at change form setting the value of these 2 fields when the change is rejected.....??? And try to analyze tat ... Jus curious wat and where could be the fix...