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    Alternative way to choose for a "Job" or a "Client" application server

    Steven Wyns



      I've noticed thet you have to create a new application server if you want to change the settings from the application server either to JOB, CONFIG, ALL or NSH_PROXY.


      Can't this be emulated as well by playing around with the max number of connections or jobs. When setting the number of jobs (MaxJobs) to 0 the appserver wil act as a console appserver and when setting the number of client connections (MaxClientContexts) to 0 (and making sure no clients will connect here) the appserver will execute solely jobs.


      MaxClientContexts    - no. of maximum client connections to the app server

      MaxJobs              - no. of maximum jobs the app server can execute simultaneously


      Could this work, or does it imply to much overhead on the application servers to find out where to route a job to? I tought this would be a easy way to be able to dynamically change the application server's tasks.


      Has anyone tried this before? or does someone have any reason not to do this?


      Kind Regards