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    How to deploy a package relatively to a component



      We have linux servers that host jboss applications.  On one server, we can have multiple jboss instances, which of them having a distinct deploy directory.






      I created a Component template that looks for the base directory and have a component for each instance.  I have a local property (JBOSS_INSTANCE_NAME) so I can refer to the changing instance name for each component.  This works great, and I can browse the component fine in the live browser of the servers.


      I have a BLPackage that contains a .ear file and I want to deploy it to one instance, so I created a DeployJob for the package and assign a target component (my jboss base dir component from above) and want to copy the .ear file to the deploy subdirectory relatively to that component.  The TARGET property seems to only reference the server even if the target is a component.  Is there a way to do it or is it possible to reference in a local property of the package the component that is the target, so I can then reference my local property of the component ?


      Thanks for your help,