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    PCI DSS Compliance Templates

      Hello all,


      Do any of you guys know if there is a Red Hat 5.x and Windows 2008 PCI DSS Compliance Component templates available from BMC?


      We had to hack the Windows 2003 template for old 2000 boxes (which was a ball ache), and dont want to repeat the same process with 2008.


      And if they do exist, where do I get them?


      Thanks in advance all,


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          Paul Seager-Smith

          Hi Eddie,


          Red Hat 5.x CIS templates are provided with 8.0, but these are not backward compatible with 7.6 as the rules have changed format.


          Win2008 should be available soon (CIS only officially signed off the templates a few months ago), but will again be for 8.x only.





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            Hi Paul,


            Cheers for the reply to this one.


            Not exactly the news I wanted to hear I guess, but I'll liaise with the business on potentially getting us upgraded to 8.0.




            • is 8.0 had any major service packs to fix common issues discivered in the initial 8.0 release?


            • Also, we heavily customised PCI templates for some 2000 boxes we still have running, does anyone know will we be able to transfer component templates created in 7.6.x into 8.x?


            • And are older PCI DSS templates e.g. RH 4.x and windows 2003 available for 8.x?


            Many thnaks,


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              Bill Robinson

              8.0 is on SP5.  SP6 is on the way.  These have been addressing performance issues w/ the gui.

              If you upgrade your 7.6 install to 8.0, the templates get upgraded.  Otherwise you can't export/import between 7.6 to 8.0. 

              I believe so.

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                Paul Seager-Smith

                On the 3rd question, the list of CIS templates in 8.0 is:


                CIS - AIX 4.3-5L CIS - HP-UX 10.20-11v3 CIS - RedHat 2.1-4.0 CIS - RedHat 5 CIS - Solaris 10 CIS - Solaris 8-9 CIS - SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.0 CIS - VMware ESX Server 3.x CIS - Win03 Enterprise

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                  Hi Bill,


                  Thanks for the reply.


                  What do you mean by UPGRADED? do you mean just the sets of PCI DSS templates that got installed with the 7.6.x setup will be updated if we went to 8.0?


                  And are you saying any uniquely created (i.e by us) component templates can't be transferred from 7.6.0 to 8.0?


                  Cheers in advance,


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                    After doing the usual Database migration from 7.x to 8.x you will have to run the rules migration procedure to convert the template rules from 7.x to 8.x format.


                    The rules migration procedure is documented in the BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Installation Guide page 58 - Migrating compliance rules and discovery signatures.




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                      Hi Rajesh,


                      Cheers for the reply, its certainly cleared a few things in my head.


                      Will set up a version 8 on a sandpit environment and test the process out.


                      Thanks again to Bill, Paul and yourself on this.