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    Running batch in single-user mode

    Joshua Skirde

      Hi all,


      Can anyone think of a simple way to minimise the number of reboots required when deploying multiple packages requiring single-user mode when run in a batch job?


      For example job1 deploys a BLPackage that must be run in single-user mode and job2 deploys a distinctly different BLPackage that should be run in single-user mode. If the two jobs are run in a batch job then we the first job will reboot into single user mode and upon completion boot back to the normal run level. The 2nd job will do the same.


      Sure we can play with the overrides on the deploy jobs but they only affect a single job and not the batch job as a whole. We can try pre/post commands but in single user-mode the RSCD will not be running so the 2nd job will fail.

      Obviously we can combine the two packages into a composite BLPackage but if they are distinctly different, then package re-use will be limited and it may be counter productive.


      Is there a way to override a batch to consolidate reboots?


      Kind regards,