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    parameterizing a depot asset withing a BLPackage


      I like to be able to parameterize which depot asset to deploy at the execution of a BL deploy job.  basically I have multiple depot assets which are ASCII files. instead of having to create multiple BLPackages to use the proper depot asset file, I am trying to see if there is a clever way to parameterize which depot file to use.  I understand custom property classes and instances and I have used them.  I used them to create instances of multiple directory destinations but never used them to choose a particular depot or asset.

      is it possible to achive this with custom property classes and instances?

      my understanding that adding a depot file to a BLPackage copies content of that file into the package, so I can only change the attribute of this asset when it get laid down like permissions, name, location etc....


      thanks for any help on this.